You’ve seen “Vice” and wish to learn more on the subject, the director, or his major influence ? “Fahrenheit 9/11” to “Fair Game”, passing through “The World according to Bush”, here are six movies to go further. Released Wednesday, February 13 on our screens, Vice is a film that is fascinating, which traces four decades of the political History of the United States, following Dick Cheney and his slow ascent to the position of vice-president George W. Bush. So abundant that some subjects are only briefly mentioned. So here are six films to go further, whether what is narrated, the style of director Adam McKay, or his major influence. FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (2004) For the election of George W. Bush – Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney… They are all present, and in their own role, in front of the camera of Michael Moore. But the vice-president occupies less than the front of the stage as George W. Bush, a prime target of the american director golden palm winner at Cannes by the jury of Quentin Tarantino in 2004, and which rests in particular on his accession to the controversial to the White House. A key moment in american History, on which Adam McKay passes quickly in Vice, almost anecdotal, where his counterpart gave a greater place. Leaves to run of tracks that he had not pursued then, as the link between Bush and the president of Fox News, first media, announced the victory of the successor of Bill Clinton. Released in French cinemas during the summer of 2004, Fahrenheit 9/11 is more interested in the facts, as the links between the families of Bush and Bin Laden (already mentioned in Bowling for Columbine), or the ravages of the second War in Iraq on american society, where Vice was still glued to Dick Cheney, with a form that is most sought after, to show us his slow rise to power. The two films converge, however, in how they demonstrate the consequences of the actions of the Bush administration on the world, Adam McKay, which obviously has a lot more stuff to load in his possession. Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer VO THE WORLD ACCORDING to BUSH (2004) For the entourage of George W. Bush – 2004, or the beautiful cinema year of George W. Bush, star of the Palme d’or at the Cannes film Festival, and this documentary signed William Karel, author of ” CIA, Secret Wars two years earlier. Less publicized than that of Michael Moore, the film remains a solid and well-documented, and deserves to be more recognized. As Vice, it focuses as well on the President of the United States of the time-on his entourage : the cast is largely the same as in Fahrenheit 9/11, except that the roles of Dick Cheney and his ilk appear more clear. The World according to Bush trailer VO W. The IMPROBABLE PRESIDENT (2008) For the previous Bush and Cheney of cinema – History will especially Christian Bale (especially if the latter won an Oscar). But the first actor to incarnate Dick Cheney at the cinema, it was Richard Dreyfuss. In front of the camera of Oliver Stone and for a time much less important than in Vice. And for good reason : as its title suggests, W. is interested above all in the course of the 43rd President of the United States, that no one could have imagined sitting in the Oval Office when all the world saw him as a raging alcoholic. It is thus that he appears to us in Vice, a film that works as a mirror of that of Oliver Stone, in his way to show us the ascension of Dick Cheney. Which also illustrates the time of a drinking party before you climb, little by little, the steps of the power and become the vice-president of George W. Bush. W. – L'improbable President trailer VO-IL DIVO (2008) For the inspiration of Adam McKay – In the last issue of “First”, the director of Vice, to quote The Godfather 2 among his models, that is for the back-and-forth in the time or manner in which a man became a sociopath when he was looking originally to protect his family (when Cheney renounces the nomination race for fear that the coming out of her daughter’s not be used as a weapon against him). But it is less obvious that his other source of inspiration claimed : Il Divo, a biopic of Paolo Sorrentino won a Jury Prize at the 2008 Cannes film Festival. As in Vice, it is a question of a politician who has climbed the ranks over the years and governments. A figure of the shadow a lot more imposing than it appears to be, and whose decisions weigh upon his country as the rest of the world. In addition, Paolo Sorrentino and Adam McKay have in common this style, which is lively, pop, energetic, and anything but typical, even sometimes do too much. Il Divo trailer VO FAIR GAME (2010) For the case of Valerie Plame – His name reminds you of something vaguely. In one of the scenes of Vice, he is indeed a CIA agent whose identity was revealed by Dick Cheney and the Bush administration, following the publication in the New York Times, a tribune written by her husband Robert Wilson. On July 6, 2003, the u.s. ambassador denies in effect the information that the Niger could have sold uranium to Iraq, one of the so-called evidence of the american government to justify a military intervention in the country then ruled by Saddam Hussein. As Vice the watch, the replica does not expect, and since the 14th July of the same year, the name of Valerie Plame comes out in the media. Except that the feature film Adam McKay then goes on to something else. To learn more, and stay in the ray film, head on down to Fair Game : political thriller, a bit classic of Doug Liman, who is back on all the details of the case and offers one of his best roles to Naomi Watts… that can be seen in Vice, under the guise of a presenter of Fox News. Coincidence ? Fair Game trailer VO ‘ THE BIG SHORT (2015) For the style in the Adam McKay – You have loved the life and the work of Dick Cheney, seen by Adam McKay ? You will certainly like his way of telling us the subprime crisis occurred in 2008, and to which he had alluded in the credits at the end of Very Bad Cops, one of his last true comedy. If humour is always a little present (and quite often gritty), the director has since become a little more serious and is now seeking to popularize difficult matters for the general public, large amounts of pellets either offset or images running as a counterpoint to this, which is evoked on the screen. More successful that The Big Short (perhaps because the subject matter is more “easy” to explain), which already had Christian Bale and Steve Carell in the cast, Vice shows us a director more comfortable with this style. But do not go believing that he has discovered a political conscience, from one day to the next day, because his comedies with Will Ferrell born during the 2000s (Anchorman, and Brothers in spite of them in the head) had been made in response to the presence of George W. Bush at the White House, and the image of the fool, he returned at the same time as the United States. He directs Sam Rockwell in the skin of the 43rd President of the United States is a lot like a nice way to close the loop. The Big Short : the heist of the century trailer VO

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