Kad Merad re-enlist for a third season of the political thriller for Canal+, for which shooting will take place in Dunkerque between may and October 2019. Created by Eric Benzekri and Jean-Baptiste Delafon and launched in 2016 on Canal+, Black Baron has managed to create the event upon its release for its realistic approach to the political arena French. Strong of a great success of public and critic, the series now heads to its third season, the filming will take place between may and October. The city of Dunkirk, the stronghold of Philippe Rickwaert and its opponents, will once again team of the series. This season will re-start on new foundations, after you left Rickwaert in bad posture… Even if the filming is not going to be easy, as we confided, Kad Merad last may on the occasion of the festival Series Mania : “I know that this season, it’s going to be a little renaissance of Rickwaert. It was well down and there I know they are working on this idea, despite the fact that he has had an electronic bracelet, that he has been in prison. But it’s not going to be easy. I tell you, because I already have some indications, I’m going to shit.”
So far, this new season will not see the return of Niels Arestrup, the interpreter of the outgoing president Francis Laugier in season 1. The actor did not wish to continue the adventure, to the great regret of the two creators of the series. In season 2, Pascal ElbĂ© had come to join the ranks of the characters, while Anna Mouglalis went up in grade after winning the elections. But the party is far from over… Black Baron : the departure of Niels Arestrup is “regrettable”, according to Kad Merad

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